About Me

I am a 16 year old kid living in Memphis, Tennessee. I used to blog on mgoblog.com, but then I got ripped by the mass public and ended up here. My Dad raised me to be a true maize and blue Michigan fan. Since I live in Tennessee blogs are the main way I keep up with Michigan in the off season. I decided to write my own blog so I can say whatever I want whenever I want. I go to school and everything, just like any other normal 16 year old kid. I hang out with girls and play football, baseball, and basketball during my free time. I love playing Xbox and eating. I have a 96 Chevrolet Z71 with Flowmaster's that constantly needs repair. I work at a pizza place, with 10 other employees that know everything about sports, so i hear it all the time. Although they are all UT fans i get a lot of input from them. Well thats basically me.

Now I am not the best blogger, but I would appreciate it if you gave me a chance. Most of my post will focus on controversial topics, while some will just give you updates on Michigan football. Have fun, enjoy, comment, and subscribe!