Friday, July 2, 2010

New Recruits: Kevin Sousa

Now I am not a recruit expert, but I will give you everything I know about Kevin Sousa and tell you why this is good for Michigan.

First of all, its good for Michigan because this will give Devin Gardner some extra motivation if he has to battle for the starting position when Tate and Denard leave. Second, this kid has only been playing football two full season! And hes already gaining National attention from colleges with prestige! Ex. Michigan! He had delivery issues and mechanical issues but has been to every combine and camp he get word of and every single time the people running the camps say he is getting better! Why not have this kid on our team?!


213 lbs

40: 4.5-4.8

Shuttle: 4.4-4.6

Bench: >300

Squat: 400

Cling and Jerk: 260

Oh and by the way he is on the weightlifting team at his high school.

This kid has the body of a linebacker, but throws like Randy freaking Johnson! At the VERY least he can play any position on the field we ask him to, and with a recent quote from him saying “I will do whatever they tell me to do” when asked about changing positions proves he is Michigan material! A hard working kid, raw with super potential, that will do whatever is told. On top of that, he has a whole year to progress in high school football still.

He will be coming to Michigan when Tate and Denard are Juniors. When they leave he will be a Junior and will likely be battling Devin Gardner for the starting QB spot. He will have two more years left at Michigan to be a starter. If worse comes to worse, he will start his senior year unless he becomes a Cone/Threet/Sheridan like bust. 2 full years in the system, and possibly one more before he becomes full-time starter will give him enough experience to make a difference when it matter in my opinion.

Now I am kind of biased as i have been high on Sousa from the moment i heard about him on MGoBlog. (full of snobby people that think they know everything about Michigan football along with a few people that actually know what they are talking about). I believe he will be an excellent fit for Michigan. Big, strong, hard worker, will do whatever is told, duel threat QB. We need someone like that to take the ropes when the two headed beast (Tate and Denard) leave.

Welcome to Ann Arbor Kevin Sousa

-Hunter Stephens

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