Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 Reasons Not To Worry

So im in the middle of a Family reunion (all die hard Michigan fans), and on my way up to Clare, I notice something. I have seen just as many OSU reps, as I have Michigan. This usually doesnt bother me until I realize...IM IN MICHIGAN. I know were falling on downtime but come on people. Show your true colors! I will not settle being out repped by OSU in MICHIGAN, I will not!

We may have had some bad past couple seasons but we will very soon return to the old Michigan. Book it. Let every OSU fan hear what I am saying! Michigan will defeat them in the next 2 years. Below is my reasoning.

#1. The Two Headed Beast

We have "QB controversy! OH NOO!"
FAIL. We have two legit QBs that are from what I have seen equally good. Both can run, both can pass, and both can do one while doing the other, and one (Denard) is improving rapidly. Ummmm, why not have a QB controversy? One will just make the other one better. Is that not what we want? Two QBs pushing each other to get better? Constantly? Thats exactly what we want.

#2. Roundtree and Crew

Our WRs, while not yet very experienced, will end up being the most consistent in the country. We have four legit targets, at all times. Some are better than others but none are good enough to shut us down if they get double teamed. If they double team the good ones and every one is covered? Denard runs 46 yards for a TD. No matter what play we run, no matter who is open and who is covered, we always have one good receiver to throw to.

#3 Brick Wall

Our defensive line, even though we lost Graham will be in the top 15 in the nation. We have the most power, agility, and speed in that area out of everyone in the Big12Ten.

#4 Defensive Backs

We suck. There is no way around it. All we can do is improve. If we can win 5 games with virtually no secondary then we can win 10 with a halfway decent one!

#5 Were Freaking Michigan!

Were one of the top football schools in the nation! Always! Even when were doing horrible we get the best recruits! They just keep on coming. With Rich Rods recruiting we will in very few years be a powerhouse again. He is getting us good players. Great players. So stop giving him a hard time. They WILL perform on the field, give him two more years, that will be a full class that is 100% on him. We will be back on top. Just wait.

So for all you Michigan fans freaking out, chill. We will get back on top, everything will be fine, we will soon beat the Buckeyes.

And for the OSU fans I saw in and around Clare, Michigan...

-Hunter Stephens

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